Bolt: Job instructions and technician notes

Published 1 month ago
Written by Matt Collins

Bolt job description and technician notes Until recently, there was only one place to record notes on a job, the "description" section. However, we learnt over time that notes on a job were being used for two distinct purposes.

  1. Job schedulers wanting to include instructions for technicians.
  2. Technicians recording job completion notes.

Based on this, we have replaced the "description" section with two new places to enter notes:

  1. When creating a new job, you’ll be able use the "Instructions" section to include notes for the technician who will be completing the job.
  2. When a technician starts a job, they’ll see a new "Technician Notes" section where they can fill in any relevant details about work completed.

In addition to this, technicians can also add notes per checklist item if a checklist was applied to the job.