Bolt: reminder emails, insurance policies and more...

Written by Brad Crawford
Published 1 year ago

Last month, we launched Bolt, a machinery service management app designed to help growers stay on top of routine servicing, breakdowns, inspections, and safety compliance.

The feedback so far has been great, and we've received some solid ideas about how we can make the product even better.

In March, we added three new features based on your feedback:

  1. 📨 Reminder Emails: To ensure you never miss a reminder, Bolt can now send you an email each morning if there are new reminders in your inbox. We don't want to spam your team with emails that aren't relevant to them, so we've made it easy for each member to opt-in to the email from the Bolt Reminders page or their Account Settings.
  2. 📑 Insurance Policies: To help with administration of vehicle insurance policies, you can now capture insurance policy numbers and renewal dates on each machine.
  3. 📝 Job Description: In some situations, such machinery breakdowns using Bolt's checklist feature is bit overkill. We wanted to make this easier for your team. When creating a job or reminder, you can now add a description. This is a great place to summarise problems or instructions.

💡Tip: In addition to tracking insurance policies on machines, you can use Bolt's Reminder feature to notify you of upcoming renewals.