Cart case study: Sam Pritchard, People in Paddocks

Written by Matt Collins
Published 9 months ago



Sam Pritchard is the founder of People in Paddocks, a HR & WHS consultancy specialising in people and safety management in agriculture. Prior to starting People in Paddocks, Sam was the HR & WHS Manager for Corinella Farms, a 22,500 hectare portfolio spread across two States, owned by Proterra Investment Partners.

People in Paddocks was formed in 2022 after Corinella Farms was split up and sold to 27 different purchases, several of whom were looking for continued support from Sam with their people and safety.

Since then, Sam has been working closely with many broad-acre cropping and livestock operations across Australia to support them with their HR strategies, people, safety and compliance.

Adopting Cart

A number of Sam’s clients have been adopting the Cart App for grain inventory management, many of whom are spread across districts and states making ‘real time’ data management and transparency imperative

We touched base with Sam to hear more about the challenges that she is working with her clients to solve and where they are seeing the benefits. Here’s what she had to say:

I love resolving challenges for my clients and a common one has been, ‘real time’ grain storage management and contract fulfilment records. This has been the easiest challenge to solve – just get Cart!

Key benefits

The Cart grain inventory management system manages to pack in enough data and reporting functionality to satisfy the needs of farm managers and owners, yet keep the truck driver interface simple and clean for drivers to quickly and efficiently record loads.

Real time visibility

The quick view Dashboard gives the manager a snapshot of ‘real time’ on and off farm storage of different commodities plus contract fulfilment progress. None of this data is accessible to the truck drivers.

Cart Dashboard

Driver Friendly

The driver interface is very clean and clever, making it almost impossible to record a load incorrectly.

Delivery Form

However, as a safety measure – because we’re all human and make the odd mistake, the driver’s loads can be confirmed by the manager. How were they keeping on top of grain inventory before Cart!?