FarmReady: improved support for corporate farming enterprises

Published 8 months ago
Written by Brad Crawford

Whether you're a family farming business or a large corporate enterprise, the process of growing a crop is much the same. However, as your team, geographic spread and scale grows, the systems needed to run a tight operation change.

When we started FarmReady and released our first App, Shed, we focussed on building a great solution for family farming businesses. As our suite of Apps has grown and more corporate farms have adopted the system, we knew we needed to make some improvements to make sure we're a great fit, regardless of size.

This week, we released some improvements for multi-farm operations. These allow you to:

  • Increase Sync performance between FarmReady and Agworld.
  • Setup multiple farms under one organisation.
  • Set different timezones per farm.
  • Manage members per farm, including multi-farm access for head office staff.
  • Manage subscription access and App specific data per Farm. E.g. Storages and Products in Shed.

If you'd like to take advantage of these features, please contact us to discuss your account.