Assign delivery locations to grain contracts in Cart

Published 1 year ago
Written by Matt Collins

Since launching Cart a few months ago, we've been busy listening to your feedback and responding to the most requested improvements.

Specifying delivery locations on grain contracts was a consistent request and one we've been planning to get in your hands before Christmas.

We're happy to let you know this feature is now live!

When creating a contract, you can now specify any of your off farm delivery locations. Assigning a location is optional. However, once one or more delivery locations are assigned, we'll provide a warning to your drivers if they select a destination that has not been specified on the contract they are delivering against.

If you're large or geographically spread farming operation who is entering into contracts with national buyers, you may be given an option to delivery to multiple sites to fulfil a single contract. With this release, you can whitelist as many delivery locations on a contract as you need.