Grower review: Tony Gould & Tom Healy

Published 9 months ago
Written by Brad Crawford

Over the last few years I've been lucky enough to work with some really good operators. Guys who like what we we are about and want to get behind what we're building. To name a few, Tony Gould from Pye Group and Tom Healy and the crew from Yambeen Pty Ltd are two that have always been generous with their time, providing great feedback on how we can make our Apps a better fit for not only their own operations but also the industry more broadly.

Both Tony and Tom were kind enough to take a few minutes to share some background on their farming operations, how they're adopting our Apps and where they are seeing a return. You can have a listen below:

A big thanks to the guys, word of mouth makes a huge difference for a small operation like ours, and I really appreciate it!