Modular Apps, consistent experience

Published 8 months ago
Written by Matt Collins

Shed, Cart and Bolt are modular Apps. They each focus on one thing. This approach is designed to give a sense simplicity, whilst still allowing for plenty of power under the hood.

Modular Apps are great, but only if they feel consistent and cohesive. Moving between Apps should feel familiar and approachable for your team. To achieve this, we use repeatable design patterns across all of our Apps.

When we launched Bolt last month, we added a new status picker button. It's a simple button that shows the current status of a job. When you click on it, you'll see a list of other statuses that you can click on to transition the job status.

bolt status picker

Shed and Cart have similar workflow concepts. However, the designs were quite different and felt more cluttered than Bolt. To improve this, we've updated the following feature to use the new status picker:

  • Shed Stocktakes: for transitioning between “In Progress” and “Completed”
  • Cart Contracts: for transitioning between “Open” and “Completed”
  • Cart Deliveries: for transitioning between “Draft” and “Completed”