Simple Farm Inventory Software

Built for growers who run on Agworld

Get better visibility of stock on hand

Don't get caught short again. Shed forecasts your product requirements, allowing you to purchase with confidence and keep track of your stock levels as products are used.
Glyphosate 450
1380.00 L
Forecast 30 Days
424.50 L
Forecast Remaining
955.50 L

Know your costs

Keep a pulse on input costs and make more informed decisions to manage your margins. Shed tracks the cost of every product delivered on farm and calculates the moving average price across your operation.
Muriate of Potash
Per Tonne

Run multiple locations

Save time and optimise your team's operational plan. Shed doesn't just tell you how much you've got in stock, it tells you where it is. Shed even syncs stock levels with the Agworld Apps.
Fertiliser Shed
Chemical Shed

Track every delivery

Shed Receipts keep track of what has been delivered on farm, when it arrived, where it was delivered and price. You can even keep track of batch numbers, expiry and dates of manufacture.
LVE 570
2000 L
Batch Number

Automatic stock deductions from Agworld Actuals

Say goodbye to manual inventory records and spreadsheets. Shed automatically creates records of usage as you record Actuals in Agworld.

Take stocktakes and manage inventory adjustments

Account for the unplanned and maintain good control of your farm inventory. Shed's stocktake and adjustment records help you account for everything from over-spray and expired products to product movements and supplier returns.
50.00 L
"The seamless integration with Agworld, as well as a stand alone platform, has significantly increased visibility across the group and suppliers. Shed is now a key part of Pye's data management going forward. No small part of this has been FarmReady's willingness to work with the end user to improve."
Tony Gould

Pye Group


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