Bolt: inspections

Published 1 year ago
Written by Brad Crawford

Our new Inspection feature in Bolt allows you to standardise your inspection processes and streamline in-field data capture.

Inspection Checklists

Inspection Checklists allow you to document the checks that you require your workers to complete when conducting an inspection. Checklists are ideal for standardising activities such as tractor, header, tele-handler or ATV pre-start inspections. You can create inspection checklists from the existing checklist link in the main navigation.

Farm Inspection Checklist

Once you have setup an inspection checklist, you can choose which machines have access to use it.

Farm Inspection Checklist Machines

QR code inspections

Once your checklists are setup and assigned to your machines, creating new inspections is a breeze. Leveraging our new machine QR codes, your workers can start an inspection for the machine they are operating by scanning it with their phone.

QR Code Farm Machine Links

You can learn more about our new “no-login-required” QR codes here.

Full inspection log

As your team completes inspections, a detailed log is available to users who are logged into Bolt. You can view them via the new Inspections link in the main navigation. This can be a great resource for demonstrating farm practices during an audit.

Farm Inspections Log