Bolt: meters report - view engine hours and odometer readings for your entire fleet

Written by Matt Collins
Published 11 months ago

Last month, we introduced a collection of new features in Bolt designed to help you manage the increasing obligations and business risks associated with on-farm WHS compliance. One of the features we added was a simple way to capture engine hours/odometer readings for a machine by scanning a QR code with your phone. This has been designed to help you keep on top of recommended service intervals for each machine.

To give you a birds-eye view of current readings across your entire fleet, we've added the Meters Report. This report will include all machines which have an engine hour or odometer configured and includes the following data:

  • Machine identifiers (name, manufacturer, model, serial number, registration number)
  • Type (odometer or engine hours)
  • Latest reading and last observed date.

To access this report, log in to your Bolt account and click on the "Reports" page.