Bolt: odometers & engine hours

Published 1 year ago
Written by Matt Collins

With Bolt, we're focused on helping you put your routine maintenance schedule on autopilot. Reminders, when launched a few months ago allows you to setup time-based triggers for any machine in order to be notified when a service, calibration or registration is due.

However we realise that scheduling is not just driven by time but frequently by usage. In order to support this we have added a Meters feature, available to to all bolt machines. The following types are supported:

  1. Odometer
  2. Engine hours

Once you have added a meter to a machine, you can start taking readings. There are two ways to capture a reading:

You can log into Bolt and bring up a machine to see both the current and capture new readings.

Farm machinery engine hour form

You can scan the machine's QR code to bring up the Quick Links page. This can be a great way to get your operators to capture readings as part of their routine daily checks.

Farm machinery engine hour form

You can find out more about the new QR code + Quick Links feature here.

We will be integrating meters into the Bolt Reminders feature soon. This will allow you to trigger service reminders when usage thresholds are hit. E.g. 200 Hour Service. Watch this space...