Cart: major update

Written by Matt Collins
Published 10 months ago


Since launching Cart 9 months ago, there have been dozens of updates, with new features and improvements being shipped to you every few weeks. Today, we are excited to announce a major update. With this release, we have consolidated and simplified large parts of the App, released new functionality and set a clear direction for the weeks and months ahead.

Before we dive into the details of what’s new, we’d like to highlight a few things upfront:

  • Some changes have been made to Cart’s main navigation
  • Some existing features have been renamed
  • Some existing features have been split out into smaller and more focussed parts of the App.

These changes are important. Firstly, they are foundational to some of the features that we have released today. But more importantly, they set us up to deliver a simpler, more powerful and cohesive experience over time. With these foundations in place, we’re in great place to begin work on some of your most requested features.

We know that change can sometimes take a bit of getting used to. That’s why we’ve outlined everything in detail below. And, as always, we’re here to help! Stay in touch if you have any questions or need some support.

What’s New?

Transition to a Commodity-Based Navigation

Cart commodity based App navigation

From the main navigation, you’ll see a new navigation section, which includes a select menu for choosing a commodity, followed by four links:

  1. Commodity
  2. Production
  3. Deliveries
  4. Contracts

The four links are driven by the selected commodity. For example, to view your Barley contracts, select “Barley” from the commodity menu, then click on the contracts list.

Renamed: Fields → Production

Cart has always integrated with your Agworld fields and crops. Over the last few months, we’ve strengthened our integration by incorporating Agworld Crop Varieties and Production Year data.

In this update, we have made two small changes:

  • The “Fields” page has been renamed to “Production”
  • The “Production” section is part of the new commodity based navigation outlined above. This means we will now show you the relevant fields for the selected commodity when viewing this page.

Today, the Production page provides a simple list of current and historical fields growing crops associated with selected commodity. To better support your grain marketing decisions throughout the production cycle, we plan on adding new functionality to this page over time to summarise production insights from your Agworld and Cart data.

Unified: View of Stored Commodities

Cart commodity storage

The new "Commodity" page brings together commodity storage for both on and off farm locations, giving you a unified view of commodities across your supply chain.

Prior to this, Cart broke out on-farm and off-farm storage into the Storage Locations and Delivery Locations pages respectively. Neither of these pages did a particularly good job of summarising stored commodities.

From the new Commodity page, you can now:

  • View the total commodity stored across all locations - on and off farm.
  • View quantity, capacity and utilisation:
    • For all on-farm locations, combined.
    • For each on-farm location (by clicking on the location summary)
    • For each individual storage.
  • View total quantity and a breakdown by grade
    • Summarised across all off-farm locations
    • For each off-farm location
  • You can also click into any on-farm storage or off-farm location to view more details, including a full history of deliveries in and out.

We’ve got more in the works for the Commodity page, but this is a big step in the direction that we are taking Cart with the new Commodity based navigation. Instead of treating insights from your data as an afterthought, relegated to standalone reports, we are embedding the most important insights into the features your team uses every day.

Unified: On and Off Farm Location Management

Cart location

Just like the new Commodity page, we’ve brought together on and off farm location management into the new “Locations” page. Unlike the Commodity page, which is focussed on a snapshot of current commodity storage, the Locations pages is focussed on setup, configuration and access to historical data.

As part of these updates, we have:

  • Renamed Storage Locations to On-Farm Locations, which are accessible from the “On-Farm” tab on the Locations page.
  • Renamed Delivery Locations to Off-Farm Locations, which are accessible from the “Off-Farm” tab on the Locations page.
  • Streamlined the workflow for setting up new on-farm locations and assigning commodities.
  • Streamlined the workflow for changing the commodity assigned to your storages over time.

Improved: Dashboards

Cart dashboard

Dashboards look great, but their insights are useless if you don’t have confidence in the underlying data and it isn’t easy to ground truth what they are telling you. We released the Cart Storage & Contract Dashboards a few months ago. In this update we have made two improvements:

  1. We have improved the dashboard design, moving to a simpler and more condensed layout, making it easier to cast your eye across all commodities and get a snapshot of your storage and contracts.
  2. We have renamed the "Storage" dashboard to "Commodities" and linked each commodity on the Dashboard through to the new Commodity page. This small, but important change unlocks the ability for you to quickly traverse your commodity storage data from the very top of your operation all the way down to each delivery. We plan on making a similar improvement to the Contracts dashboard soon.

Simplified: User Interface

Just like the design changes to the Dashboards, we’ve been improving look and feel across various parts of the App. If you’re a regular user, you may have noticed small design tweak across all FarmReady Apps. In addition to these broader improvements, we’ve completely redesigned the page for:

Viewing a Contract

Cart contract

Viewing a Storage

Cart Commodity Storage

We hope that you like the improvements and that they give you a glimpse into the direction we are taking Cart.